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We can now assert with confidence that high IT performance correlates with strong business performance, helping to boost productivity, profitability and market. Adopting DevOps is the way most companies improve the performance of their IT organisations, and this course will help you take the first steps towards that goal.
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September 29 Mike Vizard. DevOps Unbound: How AI/ML are Used in DevOps Today. September 27 Alan Shimel. Just a random thought of the day: We have the worlds best example of how many of our security woes are actually people problems, not technology problems.
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How to avoid the technical debt kiss of death. Engineering is key to shipping reliably. How to use containers to enable microservices in your DevOps. by Richard Mills. DevOps Culture DevOps Transformation DevOps Trends Secure DevOps. Sort by: Recent. Filter by: Articles Only.
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While, as with Agile, its incorrect to say a tool is a DevOps tool in the sense that it will magically bring you DevOps, there are certainly specific tools being developed with the express goal of facilitating the above principles, methods, and practices, and a holistic understanding of DevOps should incorporate this layer.
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Many devotees refer to DevOps as a culturea viewpoint that New Relic favors. We also use the term DevOps movement when talking about topics such as adoption rates and trends for the future, and DevOps environment to refer to an IT organization that has adopted a DevOps culture.
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Manage compliance controls within the IBM Cloud platform. Learn how DevOps speeds delivery of higher quality software by combining and automating the work of development and IT operations teams. What is DevOps? Learn DevOps practices to move apps through the software pipeline.
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al 2017 We" noticed that there are various gaps in the study of DevOps: There is no consensus of what concepts DevOps covers, nor how DevOps is defined" 4. al 2017 We" discovered that there exists little agreement about the characteristics of DevOps in the academic literature" 4.
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Demand for people with DevOps skills is growing rapidly because businesses get great results from DevOps. Organizations using DevOps practices are overwhelmingly high-functioning: They deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competitors, and 50 percent fewer of their deployments fail, according to our 2013 2017 State of DevOps report.

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